Posted by: laughs4dads | March 8, 2010

Bring Your Child to Work Day

I’m not often going to try to be particularly topical in this blog, but there’s a news item that I can’t really ignore.

It seems that an air traffic controller at JFK Airport allowed his children to give simple instructions to pilots.  In actual moving planes.  With passengers.

So now all the media are asking, “Should this guy be fired?”

My answer is, “Of course he should be fired!” But not because he allowed his kids to give instructions to pilots.  He should be fired because he brought his kids to work in the first place!

I don’t know whose idea ‘Bring Your Son/Daughter to Work Day” was, but he or she should be fired, too.  Or maybe shot.  Yeah, it all sounds very nice to let them see what mommy or daddy does to pay for all those toys, but really, most kids are bored to death by what mommy or daddy do for a living.  I mean, we can’t all have exciting jobs like air traffic controller or stripper, can we?

Think of the two alternatives.  If you’ve got the usual office job, it will take your kid about 10 minutes to realize, “Gee, I’d rather be in school.”  And, as any parent can tell you, a bored kid is an annoying kid.

I remember, back in my ad agency days.  The place was a zoo, with all these immature, noisy, whiny people running around, leaving toys all over the place and throwing up in the conference room.  But when the employees brought their kids to work, it got even worse.  I’d be at my computer, trying to write, and a three-year-old would show up at my office door and say, “Hi.”  Drove me crazy!

On the other hand, if you have an exciting job, one that kids might actually be interested in, then it’s probably not a great idea to bring them.  What if astronauts brought their kids to work?  (“Okay, honey, let’s count down with the nice man.”)  Or policemen (“Hey, Johnny, would you like to tell the bad man to stop or I’ll shoot?”).  Or Jack Bauer (“Daddy says he’s going to yank out your small intestine if you don’t tell us where the nuclear rods are.”)

Look, if kids want to know what their parents do for a living, well, that’s what “Bring Your Parent to School Day” is for.  Grown-ups get to sit in little chairs and try to make it sound like their jobs are better than the jobs of parents who spoke before them.

It’s much safer than having kids directing jumbo jets.




  1. What about career criminals? “Honey, I would take you to work with me, but I’d have to kill you!”

    • That sounds more like a spy!

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