Posted by: laughs4dads | March 24, 2010

Cooler Than Our Parents

There are many words that acquaintances might use to describe me.  “Cool,” “fashionable,” “hip,” and “trendy” are not often among them.

However, when compared to my parents, I’m cooler than Fonzie ever was.  (And, yes, I know, that last sentence contradicts itself.)

My point is that I think our generation has more in common with our kids than our parents had with us.  And the main reason for this is music.

The truth is that rock and roll created a dramatic rift between generations, a chasm between Elvis and Frank that no bridge connected and neither generation cared to cross.

My parents fervently believed that The Beatles were heralding the end of the world, that Mick Jagger posed as much of a threat as Fidel Castro, and that even Simon and Garfunkel were clearly up to no good.  For my part, I felt that the music my mother listened to on William B. William’s Make Believe Ballroom (airing daily on WNEW AM in New York), was akin to Chinese water torture, only with a slower tempo.

But Casey and I like a lot of the same artists and the family goes to concerts together all the time.  Some of the acts are from Casey’s generation, and some are from ours.  My brother-in-law, Gary, has raised his two sons to appreciate the value of hard work and the song stylings of AC/DC. And can you imagine, even for one second, our parents playing Beatles Rock Band with us, or us, as kids, requesting Benny Goodman’s Big Band Clarinet Hero for Christmas?

In fact, I’m finding this difficult to write, because at this very moment, Casey and her friends are absolutely mutilating “Day Tripper” downstairs.  But will I yell to them to turn down the music?  I will not.

Because I am cool.



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