Posted by: laughs4dads | April 14, 2010

The Maturing Process, or “I Seem to Remember Having Been an Adult Once.”

Today, I’m taking time out from all this kid stuff to talk about grown-ups.

Having kids causes a severe decrease in an adult’s mental faculties. The average parent of a two-year-old has the mental capacity of, well, a two-year-old. On the other hand, that same adult has the external appearance of the average resident in a Florida condo.

An example:

When my daughter, Casey, was a baby, a bunch of fathers decided we were going to have a poker game. This, we thought, would serve a number of functions:

1. We would be able to stay up late and consume large quantities of beer.
2. We would be somewhere other than where our children were.
3. We could reestablish our identities as men rather than just fathers. (We told our wives this was even more important than number two, which of course, was impossible, since nothing could be more important than that.)

Anyway, we all arrived for the game, and since some of us had never met, we did a round of introductions: “Hi, I’m Casey’s dad.” “I’m Ben’s dad.” “I’m Jonathan’s dad.” And so forth. Thus, our identities as men were reestablished

To make matters worse, we were all falling asleep by 10:30.

But you know what? Twenty-two years later, we still have that bi-weekly poker game. And although some of the faces have changed (actually, all of the faces have changed; I meant we’ve brought in some new guys), it’s still pretty much the same core group we started with.

We even take trips together. Just recently, we traveled to the Dominican Republic to celebrate Ben’s dad’s birthday.

Whatever his name is.



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