Posted by: laughs4dads | July 17, 2010


Well there’s baby news today that’s so big, it necessitated this rare weekend post.

First comes a report from Lauren Frayer on AOL News that a woman in Utah is pregnant with two babies. That, in itself, would not be news, except that the babies are due two weeks apart due to the fact that the woman has two uteruses and, one would guess, a husband with very ambitious sperm.

According to the woman’s OB/GYN, fewer than 100 such cases have been reported worldwide.

Here’s where I want to be: in the room when the screeners for the woman’s health insurance company get hold of this one.

Screener #1: But she was just in maternity two weeks ago.
Screener #2: She’s not due for a refill for at least nine months.
Both: Denied!

The second news item comes from Tel Aviv University via a circuitous route through Canada and the Canadian Broadcasting System. According to the report, “Exposing an infant to cow’s milk in its first 15 days of life may protect it from a dangerous milk allergy later on.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that by “exposing,” they don’t mean just showing it to the kid, and that by “infant,” they don’t mean a newborn calf, which I would further assume would enjoy much more than a few drops of cow’s milk during its first 15 days.

The study does not say if the milk has to be kosher.

There are two reasons why this is such a big story in Canada:

  1. It seems to contradict a recent recommendation from Health Canada that babies should receive only breast-feeding for the first six months.
  2. There is no other news in Canada.



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