Posted by: laughs4dads | July 24, 2010

Sorry, Guys, You’re Not Invited (Saturday Special)

According to Friday’s post by Lisa Howela on AOL News. women have found a whole new way to sit around complaining about their husbands and any other woman they know who happens not to be in the room.

It’s called a BYOBoobz party, and it’s specifically for women who can’t spell.  Also women who are breast feeding. Come to think of it, that’s probably the primary requirement.

My guess is that it’s kind of like a Tupperware party, only with burping. Same deal: you sit around eating guacamole while people try to sell you stuff. Only in this case, it’s probably breast pumps and whatever kind of other icky things breast-feeding moms might need. Also, the guests may not be the only ones snacking.

But this get-together is more than a sales scheme; it’s also a protest of sorts, a “suck-in” if you will.

Apparently, BYOBoobz parties, which are sponsored by the Best for Babes Foundation, are a reaction to similar parties being thrown by Nestlé, makers of Toll House® cookies. I don’t know why these women are upset about delicious baked goods, but…wait, maybe it’s some other Nestlé product they have a problem with. Hot Pockets® brand sandwiches? No, that wouldn’t be it. Häagen Dazs® fake Danish ice cream? Definitely not–these women probably just spent nine months guzzling the stuff. Butterfinger®? Nah, nobody would lay a finger on that. Hey–just maybe it’s Gerber® baby formula, now with real Raisinets® inside!

I’m joking about the last part. It’s Goobers®. No, not really. But, yes, BYOBoobz is a reaction against parties that Nestlé is throwing to promote its brand of baby formula. It’s not Gerber specifically that the women have issue with; it’s baby formula in general, and “unhealthy feeding choices.” They probably really have a problem with moms who give their babies beef jerky.

So, in conclusion, if you’re a mom, you can go to a BYOBoobz party or you can go to a Nestlé party. You can make your decision based on the politics of mothering or on the healthiest choice for your baby.

Or you can go to the one most likely to have tasty treats.


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