Posted by: laughs4dads | September 11, 2010


On Thursday night, I attended an event called Swagapalooza, which is run by my daughter’s boyfriend, Alex Krupp.

A couple of times a year, Alex gathers some of the most popular bloggers and twitterers (twits?) in one place. On purpose.

Once they are together in the same nightclub, Alex locks them in and allows people with new products to do presentations in the hope that the bloggers and twitterers will blog and tweet about them.

After about three hours with an open bar, the bloggers and twitterers stumble and tumble out into the streets of New York, carrying bags filled with free samples of the stuff that was presented.

The first thing you should know about this is that I was not there because of this blog. The people who are invited to Swagapalooza have at least three times as many readers as I would have if I had about 10,000 times the number of readers I actually have. So my wife and I were there as cheap labor, checking people in when they arrived and handing them the swag as they left.

The second thing you should know is that this was not the geekfest you might imagine. In fact, I have to say in all honesty that this was one of the friendliest, most interesting group of people I have met in quite some time. On the other hand, I should also point out that one of the most popular products presented appeared to be an apparatus that can turn any bottle into a bong.

But this is a parenting blog, so I thought I’d write up one of the baby-oriented products that was presented: Nurturme.

Nurturme is a very unusual baby food. The food is naturally grown and then freeze-dried, and it comes in handy little packets. It turns into a delicious, nutritious puree when you add water, or baby formula, or (this is when I covered my ears and said “la la la”) breast milk.

It comes in four luscious flavors: plump peas, scrumptious squash, crisp apples, and hearty sweet potatoes. Now, I’m not sure how a puree of anything can be described as plump or crisp, but I knew instantly that Nurturme had three big advantages:

  1. It is much more convenient than baby food in jars.
  2. It is much more earth-friendly.
  3. It is not Gerber creamed spinach, which is, perhaps, the most disgusting substance on the planet, and which somehow shows up in parents’ cupboards even if they don’t actually buy it.

But even though the presenter ladies went on and on about how good this stuff was, I couldn’t take their word for it. I had to do my journalistic duty and taste it myself.

So as my wife and I stood by the door of Swagapalooza giving all the real bloggers (the ones with actual readers) their free stuff, I looked forward to getting home and opening a packet of crisp apples and adding, um, water to it so I could give it a try.

And as we waved goodbye to the last attendee, I realized…we were out of swag bags! Gosh darn it, I wouldn’t be able to taste Nurturme for myself.

But it does seem like a really good idea. I hope all my loyal readers go to and buy a box. And I hope those 30 sales put them right over the top!



  1. Alex is always a hit but the whole thing could never happen without Casey’s superpowers!

  2. thanks so much for your post! i would be happy to pass along some samples since you missed out on the swag that lauren brought to the event. in a separate email, let me know of an appropriate mailing address to use.

    thanks again for your support! what a pleasant surprise to come across this post 🙂

    caroline, owner & co-founder of NurturMe

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