Posted by: laughs4dads | September 24, 2010

Witch Way is Up?

Today’s parenting question is: How strongly should a parent steer a child toward a particular religion or political point of view?

Largely, that depends on what your point of view is. If you agree with me, then by all means make sure your child follows in your footsteps.

Just kidding. Anyway, even if you did do everything you could to make sure your son became a devout Druid like you, chances are he’d rebel and become a Quaker or something instead.

Barbara and I wanted to let Casey find her own way in such matters. We let her know that we would love her even if she became a Rastafarian or a Republican (can you be both?).

Of course, many parents send their kids to religious schools, or Tea Parties. And some are so adamant that they try to influence their child’s beliefs before it’s even born!

Take, for example, Lillitu Shahar Kunning, who was interviewed by Dori Hartley for AOL’s ParentDish. Here’s what she had to say about her son’s conception and birth:

“He was conceived on Beltaine, which is May Day, aka May 1st, the previous year, in a ritual setting. So we hyper-planned for Rowan (her son) to come and he came on the Wolf Moon, which is appropriate because one of the Gods we invoked while we were conceiving him was the Lord of Wolves. When he was born, we found it really funny because he had gray fur all over his back and on his legs. We were like, ‘Oh, he’s a little wolf cub!’”

I guess this would be a good time to mention that Ms. Kunning is a witch, and from the quote above, it sounds like she is to witchdom what Hasidics are to Judaism. Because, frankly, I think even Samantha Stephens would think this girl is a few straws short of a broomstick. I mean, I don’t care if you’re the head Wiccapedian, if your son comes out with gray fur you have to be at least a tad upset. Although it does seem to be the sort of look this mother was going for. Poor kid’s going to spend his life getting paint poured on him by crazed PETA members every time he goes swimming.

When we conceived Casey, we tried to invoke the God of Offspring Who Take Care of Their Parents in Their Old Age, but I don’t think it worked.

Anyway, enough of disparaging people’s beliefs, especially people who can cast spells. I’m sure young Rowan will be perfectly happy at Hogwarts when he gets older.

In the mean time, let me make the strongest possible argument for not imposing your beliefs or views on your children:

Really, how likely is it that you’re right?


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