Posted by: laughs4dads | September 28, 2010

Off Day News: There Goes the Neighborhood

I just had to do a rare Tuesday post to address a hot news item.

Over the past few years, we’ve become almost blase about scandals on Wall Street. It’s gotten to the point where we yawn at news of the latest obnoxious bonuses and pooh pooh the Ponzi scheme du jour.

So how refreshing was it last week to learn of a scandal on some other great American street?

Sesame Street.

Yes, Elmo got a googly eyeful of cleavage when Katy Perry appeared on the show with a fairly low cut top and displayed the tops of her big birds for all to see.

Suddenly mothers across the nation were up in arms, and PBS pulled the episode faster than a teenaged boy can pop a bra clasp.

Of course, this resulted in, like, a zillion YouTube hits on the clip until it was yanked from there, too, thus denying all those kids the chance of knowing anything about the number 34 or the letter C.

Forgive me, but I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. Ms. Perry, like her contemporary, Ms. Gaga, is a very talented performer who has created a persona that includes a certain way of dressing which is, shall we say, not exactly reminiscent of traditional kindergarten teacher attire. (And, by the way, Lady Gaga really has nothing to do with this, except that I wanted to say “Ms. Gaga.”)

I know that when my daughter was Sesame Street age, I, as a parent, would have had no objection whatsoever to an attractive woman appearing in suggestive clothing on a children’s show that I had to endure with my child. Let’s face it, Elmo’s big production numbers have always been a big snooze for anyone over six.

Besides, one of the universal themes of Sesame Street is the idea of being yourself. What kind of hypocritical message would it send if Katy Perry showed up wearing something out of Lawrence Welk?

It’s not as if breasts are something these kids have never seen before, right?


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