Posted by: laughs4dads | October 26, 2010

NEWS ALERT: Mothers’ Brains Become Alien-Sized

In a study that seems intended solely to provide fodder for people writing humorous parenting blogs, research by Dr. Pilyoung Kim, a neuroscientist with the National Institute of Mental Health, suggests that the size of a woman’s brain actually grows in the months immediately following childbirth.

This would seem logical, because the brain would have to make up for the shrinkage that must occur for the woman to want to have a child in the first place.

But, in Deborah Husso’s post about the study on AOL Health, Dr. Craig Kinsley, professor of psychology at the University of Richmond, puts forth an alternative theory that “the dramatic brain changes occurring in new moms are likely an adaptation, part of the grand evolutionary process designed to promote survival.”

Well, okay, I guess that sounds as reasonable as my hypothesis. But the study doesn’t say what happens to the mother’s brain afterwards. I mean, why doesn’t Kate Gosselin, for example, have an enormous head? Why isn’t Octomom working with Stephen Hawking to invent a new universe or something?

There can be only one answer to these questions: the babies must sap the newfound intelligence directly out of the mother’s brain until it is roughly back to the size it was, or perhaps a tad smaller, which would explain why so many mothers want another kid.

It would also explain why mothers seem so much better adapted to watching Barney than fathers.

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