Posted by: laughs4dads | November 19, 2010

Adventures in Hair Color

Almost from the day she was born, the color of my daughter’s hair was the envy of every woman who saw her. It’s an indescribable hybrid of red and blonde; not strawberry blonde exactly, but if you had to choose a name, I suppose that would be it. It naturally changes colors throughout the year, taking on brilliant blonde highlights in the summer to become more like a sable color, and darkening with coppery hues in winter. Quite gorgeous.

So it was only natural that she would start dyeing it.

For those of you with daughters, it will come as no surprise that this occurred when she was about 15 years old. She didn’t just show up one day with blue hair. She was more creative. She dyed just the ends a series of different tints: purple, black, pink, etc. (no, not at the same time).

This gave her a vaguely punkish appearance, but telegraphed that she wasn’t fully committed to it, as if she was a fan of The Sex Waterguns or Siouxsie & The Somewhat Loud People.

As rebellions go, it was more of a Central Park sit-in than a march on Washington.

Still, Barbara and I discussed whether such self-mutilation, however mild, should be allowed or whether, for that matter, we really had any say in it.

We ended up agreeing that this clearly fell into our “pick your fights” philosophy of parenting. Sometimes you just have to cede some ground in order to have a better foothold for a future battle.

Put another way, give kids relatively harmless freedoms so it’s more meaningful when you have to put your foot down about the tongue piercing or permanent, mural-sized tattoo or going to some foreign country on spring break.

It was an easy decision for us. On the other hand, some of Barbara’s friends who had always admired Casey’s hair color openly wept.


  1. Thanks, Mark. Keep up the great posts, they always give me a good laugh. Cheers, C

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